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Save elephants, endangered wildlife and habitats. One purchase at a time.

Baby elephant orphan being fed milk

About us

We are a responsible clothing brand that will make you look good, raise awareness of the ivory crisis, as well as directly support wildlife conservation efforts throughout the world.

Channelling our love for elephants and wildlife, we design and make an array of high-quality clothes and products in Dorset, UK and donate 20% of profits to charity.

Protecting elephants is a big task and something that’s close to our hearts. Together, we can make a difference by protecting these loving and compassionate animals from extinction.

By purchasing Jolly Elephant products, you are joining us in the fight to rescue the biodiversity of endangered habitats by preventing the effects of the ivory trade and the loss of habitats.


We care about the environment as much as we do about elephants and wildlife. Sustainability and Responsibility.


Designed for functionality and comfort. Support a good cause, feel good and be fashion-confident.


Inclusive to body types, easy to wear and affordable, but we don’t sacrifice on the quality of our products.

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20% of profit goes to charity

20% of all Jolly Elephant net profit directly supports wildlife conservation efforts throughout Africa. Although we focus much of our website around elephants, it is our priority to ensure that all living animals have equal rights to life – especially those which are endangered and being hunted for profit.

Start saving elephants today!

Start saving elephants and other endangered wildlife by shopping the below products.