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Support a good cause with ethically made, carbon-negative, and sustainable clothing. 10% of profit goes to elephant and wildlife conservation charities, too!

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10% of our profits go to elephant and wildlife conservation charities

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Sustainable clothing brand saving elephants

Sustainable fashion brand

A carbon-negative, sustainable clothing brand, Jolly Elephant seeks to inspire, guide, and motivate you to live a life with the ideals of an elephant: empathy, creativity, strength, and loyalty. We encourage personal style that you can be proud of.

By donating 10% of our profits to elephant and wildlife conservation charities, we allow the Jolly Elephant family to do more than just buy clothes – you buy into a community where you express your great fashion sense, raise awareness for endangered wildlife and help us achieve our mission.

Join Jolly Elephant in the fight to secure the biodiversity of endangered habitats by preventing the effects of the ivory trade and the loss of habitats.